Welcome to Jangaron, a 3D Tron Lightcycle game that runs in (almost) any browser, without any plug-in!

Please choose the version you want to play:

Jangaron 0.6 (stable version)

Additionally featuring different 3rd-person-perspectives (press '4').

Instant action ("Jangaron mini")

Stand-alone version (AIR)

Get Abobe AIR

Jangaron 0.7 (experimental version)

iOS support, HTML5-Sound, new controls (press 'Shift' and 'Ctrl' with arrow keys).

Jangaron 0.5 (old version)

Featuring look left/right/aback, music, sounds, saved settings, and team play.

Instant action ("Jangaron mini")

The Jangaron Blog

Read news and background information about Jangaron!